Semester Project Invention

Water Scarcity in Third World Countries


  1. Specificity – This topic explores how the shortage of clean water affects the people in third world countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, and Tunisia in the modern world.
  2. Significance – Through exploring this topic, we can determine the cause of water scarcity in third world countries and possibly provide a way to resolve the problem in an economically efficient manner.
  3. Timeliness – Hundreds of people in third world countries die each day because of food and water scarcity.  By resolving this issue, countries such as Ethiopia and Tunisia can start agricultural development, which in turn, will end poverty.
  4. Focus – Through this research, I would like to discover why we are unable to provide these countries with clean water in the technological advanced society are in today, where most parts of the world have access to clean water, and possibly come up with a solution that is both economically and mechanically efficient.
  5. Feasibility – There should not be a problem in finding sources for this topic because providing clean water to third world countries is still a challenge to many engineers.

Composing Strategy 1:

  1. – I have not done any research in this topic.  I just know that providing clean water to third world countries is one of the biggest challenges that engineers face today.
  2.  – Build knowledge on the cause of water scarcity in third world countries and how it affects them and the rest of the world.
  3. – Gives me a chance to learn about difficulties engineers face when they deal with this particular topic and help me understand some of the major problem that engineers still face today.
  4. – I am planning on majoring in mechanical engineering.  This topic can help me understand problems that still exist in the engineering world, particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering, and perhaps development a system that can potentially resolve the problem.
  5. – Come up with a solution to end water scarcity and help third world countries develop.

Composing Strategy 3:

Writing as Intellectual sleuth, critic, or talk-show host?

–        Intellectual sleuth – discover the causes of water scarcity.

–        Critic – analyze why we are still unable to provide clean water to everyone in the modern society, and develop a potential solution to resolve the problem.

–        Talk-show host – discuss my personal experience of water scarcity when I traveled, and provide audience with insights on how important water is to everyone.  People usually overlook a problem when it doesn’t affect them, but what if one day, they stop having access to clean water?  What would they do?