Project 1 Thesis and Rough Outline

Project 1 Outline

I.                 Introduction

a.      Background information about the two articles.

                                                    i.     Groundwater depletion

                                                  ii.     How it will affect us

b.     Thesis – Although the academic and popular science articles are written on ground water depletion around the world, the authors used different rhetoric strategies to connect with the audience.

II.               Body 1 – Rhetorical Situation

a.      Purpose

                                                    i.     To address the problem of depleting ground water in the U.S.

                                                  ii.     To measure the level of ground water depletion around the world and address its consequence.

b.     Setting

                                                    i.     Present in the U.S.

                                                  ii.     Present in the world, especially in areas most affiliated with ground water depletion.

c.      Audience

                                                    i.     General population around

                                                  ii.     Research scientists focus on water depletion, environmental scientists, hydrologists

III.             Body 2 – Rhetorical Conventions and visual rhetoric

a.      Structure

                                                    i.     Keyhole

                                                  ii.     Sub articles

1.     Easy to find particular information

b.     Visual Rhetoric

                                                    i.     Graphs

                                                  ii.     Maps

IV.            Rhetorical Appeal

a.      Pathos

                                                    i.     Connects to the audience through using vocabulary that the general population can understand

                                                  ii.     Show the audience the magnitude of the issue through jargons and other scientific related terms

b.     Ethos

                                                    i.     Opinions and some data form a credible expertise and articles

                                                  ii.     Consists of mostly evidence based facts through other researches

c.      Logos

                                                    i.     Uses logic to show the consequences of depleting groundwater resources

                                                  ii.     Uses logic, assumption, ad evidence to deduce a conclusion

V.              Conclusion

a.      Reiterate the purpose of this paper(thesis)

b.      Conclude the difference between the two articles and its effect on the audience.