Less Privacy is Good for Us (and You) by Amitai Etzioni and The Price of Public Safety by Stevon Roberts

Less Privacy is Good for Us (and  You)

– Gives example of how people invades privacy and argued against it.

-Argues for less privacy is good by giving examples on how it can benefit us such as in HIV testing in infants.  Also used a credible source.

-Gave a brief description of negative effects of biometrics on privacy, but then addressed the positive part extensively with evidence.

-Used the fourth amendment to argue a point.


The author could use more data and other evidence to support his claims.  He could also focus more on the issue itself instead of the media.  He could use more rhetorical appeal such as pathos to persuade the reader to agree with him

The Price of Public Safety

-Used a major event (9/11) to support his claim.

-Used quotes from Less Privacy is Good for Us (and  You) to support his thoughts when he analyzed the articles.

-He looked for specific rhetorical features and claims that some rhetorical features are not strong enough to satisfy the reader.

-The structure is formatted to follow the order of the article he is critiquing.