Less Privacy is Good for Us (and You) – 12e Arguing logically

Data-warrant-claim reasoning


-“each year at least half a million criminals become fugitives, avoiding trial, incarceration, or serving their full sentences, often committing additional crimes while on the lam.” (Etzioni)

-“People who fraudulently file for multiple income tax refunds using fake identities and multiple Social Security numbers cost the nation between $1 billion and $5 billion per year.” (Etzioni)


-“Professional and amateur criminals, employing fraudulent identification documentation to make phony credit card purchases, cost credit card companies and retail businesses an indeterminate number of billions of dollars each year.” (Etzioni)

-People hired to work in child care centers, kindergartens, and ~o schools cannot be effectively screened to keep out child abusers and sex offenders, largely because when background checks are conducted, convicted criminals escape detection by using false identification and aliases.” (Etzioni)

Claim: Biometric is Good

Rogerian Argument:

1. “civil libertarians and some gay activists vehemently oppose such disclosure on the grounds that when infants are tested for HIV, in effect one finds out if the mother is a carrier, and thus her privacy is violated… To save the lives of their children, they must be tested at delivery and treated even if this entails a violation of mothers’ privacy.” (Etzioni)

2.”It’s true that as biometrics catches on, it will practically strip Americans of anonymity, an important part of privacy.” (Etzioni)

Deductive and Inductive reasoning:

Children born to HIV carriers can ward off disease under two conditions; no breast-feeding, immediately treated with AZT.

-Mother must be informed that they have HIV