Where Do I Start?

What do I want to discover?

How does stress affect students at NCSU?

How does it affect their overall grades?

How does it affect their time at NCSU?

How do I plan on discovering it? (This is called your research methods or methodology)

By surveying and observing subjects.

Who am I going to talk to/observe/survey? (These people are called your subjects or participants)

Students at NCSU.

How am I going to be able gain access to these groups or individuals?

By walking around campus.

What are my biases about this topic?

As a student, I think a little stress can help motivate students, but too much stress can affect them negatively.

How can I make sure my biases are not reflected in my research methods?

Be careful of how I survey my subjects, possibly double blind procedure.

What do I expect to discover?

The correlation between stress level and how well a student is doing at NCSU.


Possible Sources:

Discovery Health

The Franklin Institute

Nature Reviews

Science Direct