Where Do I Start?

What do I want to discover?

How does stress affect students at NCSU?

How does it affect their overall grades?

How does it affect their time at NCSU?

How do I plan on discovering it? (This is called your research methods or methodology)

By surveying and observing subjects.

Who am I going to talk to/observe/survey? (These people are called your subjects or participants)

Students at NCSU.

How am I going to be able gain access to these groups or individuals?

By walking around campus.

What are my biases about this topic?

As a student, I think a little stress can help motivate students, but too much stress can affect them negatively.

How can I make sure my biases are not reflected in my research methods?

Be careful of how I survey my subjects, possibly double blind procedure.

What do I expect to discover?

The correlation between stress level and how well a student is doing at NCSU.


Possible Sources:

Discovery Health

The Franklin Institute

Nature Reviews

Science Direct


Longman Exercise

Exercise 1

3. Notes

-Propose a hypothetical social science research project

-Social science research related to water scarcity

-At least 3 scholarly articles

Possible subjects:

-Economics in water scarce areas-Sociology in water scarce areas

Exercise 2

Electronic File/Microsoft Word could be possible formats

Project 3 Social Science


What effects does water scarcity have o human behavior?


1. How does water scarcity effect a countries economy?

2. How does it effect people’s economic choices? (What they spend their money on, how often do they spend their, etc.)


1. Compare the economy of countries that are water scarce vs. countries that does not have a water scarcity problem.

2. Have a control group that is given just enough water to sustain health (shower, consumption, chores, etc) over a few months, and observe their economic choices.  Have two experimental groups, one with limited access to water, and the other given an excess amount of water,  and observe their economic choices.  Compare the two experimental groups with the control group and with each other to see how their choices differ.


Project 2 – Developing My Stance

The privatization of water helps to urbanize a country at the people’s expense.  It is ridiculous that corporations are denying human water rights and making them pay for something that should be free to all of us.  For example, in some third world companies, private water companies would install water meters to charge the people for water.  The person would have water as long as they have money on the card, but if they run out of money, they will be completely cut off from water.

In the article, the author argues that corporations persume that water is a human need instead of a human right